Unlock your photographic potential.

I'm here to help you learn how to take great photos ... without the jargon!

Derry NZ

I Can't recommend Light highly enough!

So I've put together a resource to help you understand the importance of 'light' in photography.

Hi there

My name is derry caulfield

It's time for me to give back and do what I really love - teach YOU to take great photos, so that you get the same joy from photography that I get.

I remove the jargon from my photography classes so that YOU can build an understanding to help you master photography.

It doesn't matter how old you are, or what skill level you're at, I will teach you photography at a level that suits you.

Let's work together to develop you photography skills!

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Community spotLIGHT

A community member's story coming soon.

Community spotLIGHT

A community member's story coming soon.

Drone for Beginners

With the popularity of photographing with the a drone, we want to keep you safe!

Click here to grab your complimentary copy of the drone safety information we've put together for you.

Camera Maintenance

Cleaning you camera can be daunting, but we've put together a few tips to help you out.

Click here to have a look at the 7 steps to your own camera cleaning.

Ooops, not quite ready ... will be available soon!

my proven training

My training is for you if:

You don't want jargon
You don't want to be a technical guru
You want to learn photography in a caring environment, with minimal numbers
You just want to take photos that you love
You want to take the photo you see

My Training is NOT for you if:

You love jargon
You want to become a professional day 1
You want to read your camera manual from front to back
You don't want personalised help
You want someone else to take a photo for you

The things I love to teach

Photography - from the beginning!
Photography formulas without the jargon
Camera Confidence
YOU at your level
Photography skills you need
Different types of light for photography
How to find the right light
the Passion of photography

All these things are why I designed my photography training that isn't confusing, doesn't use all the technical jargon, so that you can understand what makes a great photograph, and how YOU can take a great photograph.

Derry Caulfield

I love to teach women the art of capturing timeless moments, with my expert guidance tailored to enhance your photography skills, at any stage of your photography journey.


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