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'Photography Formulas' 

By Derry

Photography is a formula
Put your aperture on this, your shutter on that, ISO here, camera mode there

Once you know the formula and 
just as importantly, the technique, I KNOW you can and will take the photo

I know because I used formulas for years

Grab your copy now!

NZ South Island Tour

April & September 2025

Join us on our 'Women Only' photography tour.  

Six days and five nights around NZ's beautiful South Island, starting and finishing in Queenstown.

You may start a beginner at photography, or already have skills, but I promise after 6 days you will finish with photography skills that will take your photography to the next level and beyond

Full Moon

Full Moon Workshop

One only @ Hervey Bay, QLD

This workshop is about photographing the landscape by the full moon light.

You will be amazed at the photos you take. The camera sees the world so differently than we do at night.

Learn how to use your camera when there is no sun


14th September 2024

Our most popular Introduction to photography course!

Held in our studio, plus a sunset shoot at Rosebud Pier. If you learn better face to face this is for you.

You will move off AUTO for good and lock down essential photography skills. Learn in the classroom and bring those skills together at our sunset class 

6 ONLY in a class

Lightroom Essentials

8th September 2024 - Sunday

Lightroom is an incredibly powerful and easy to use post photo editing program. It's the little sister to the more complicated PhotoShop.

This truly is next level photography skill. Lightroom is fun and easy to use.

All those beautiful images you've seen, they have been taken in RAW and developed in a program like Lightroom


Live 'Online'

With Derry

Designed for YOU by YOU

This online 'Zoom' coaching / training is all about you, your photography gear and what you want to learn. 

Derry will tailor a session with you or for you.

Whatever you want to learn, Derry will gently guide you.

One on One Studio

With Derry

This is about you, what YOU want to learn. You can work with Derry to design your own learning plan or Derry can guide you through the essentials.

This is a flexible program, designed to get you well and truly on the road to photography or to help you lock in those skills you just can't seem to make sense of.

Your gear, your questions, your learning.

Theory and hands on learning at our Rosebud Studio.

One on One Field 

With Derry

Join me as we start early for sunrise shoot at one of the many beautiful beaches on the Morningon Peninsula, Victoria, Australia.

We'll have a bit of a break to enjoy a complimentary coffee/tea/hot choc and croissant out one of our favourite local Cafes.

Then we'll head off into the hinterland to capture the beauty of light along the ridge of Red Hill and surrounds.

Complimentary Resources


It's all about the light

Learn to find and see the Light and you'll take your photography to the next level.

Camera Care

The more you care for your camera the longer life your camera will have.

Caring for you camera will give you better performance and reliability of your prized possession.

Drone Safety

It's great to see so many of you taking your Photography to the skies.

But always remembe - Safety First!  As always - wishing you Blue Skies and Low Winds?

Resources for you

Camera Maintenance Guide

Are you ready to learn the steps to clean your camera's sensor?

Now is your time ... if you think you want to give it a go, then here is your guide to camera sensor cleaning for crystal clear photos!

This Guide will walk you through the steps to clean your camera.

Derry Caulfield

I love to teaching photography to anyone. When I started nearly 40years ago I knew nothing about photography, I didn't even own a camera, I just wasn't interested, I fell into photography because I couldn't say no and I'm thankful I couldn't. 
Decades of learning photography has given me the skills to teach photography in a way no one else does. It will make sense to you.


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