After 35yrs as a professional photographer, what I LOVE doing now is teaching YOU how to photograph.
Photography can be technical and that’s why so many people can get confused when trying to master it or not even master it, you just want to be able to take the photo you see, and not the one you end up with.

people take great photos not cameras

I’m stuck on AUTO!

99% of my students come to our beginners class because they’re not happy with their photography and they want move off AUTO.

Without having to know too much technical stuff, I can move you off AUTO and show you how to get the shot you want. You can simply be happy with that and never need to learn anything else OR if you want to take a deep dive into photography, learn the technical stuff then I can take you there as well.

Beginners – for the absolute beginner on AUTO

I will meet YOU where you are at

Whatever you want to learn photographically whether it is technical or not, I will meet you where you are at in your photography journey.

How do I know? Because I used to shoot on AUTO. I used to shoot weddings on rote, using a formula knowing nothing about cameras or photography (and by the way, there are formulas for any photo you want to take, you just need to know what the formula is) what buttons do I set to get a shot of the moon? What buttons do I set to take a photograph at night? A photograph of the sunset? A landscape? etc

Photography Formulas
I can teach you to go from AUTO to Manual mode if you want, or we can stop somewhere in between, say Program (P) or Aperture (A).

Don’t know what those things are? Don’t worry, I’ll teach them to you, it’s only language and there’s language to learn in every thing you learn. Let’s myth bust the language and let it make sense to you.

I am a visual learner

I know how to explain photography to you visually, so that the technical stuff makes sense. Our most popular class, Beginners, is the class that should be the first couple of pages in your cameras USER MANUAL, which quite frankly is just to too technical once you get to page 3, so what do you do? You switch to AUTO and there it stays

Our classes will make sense to you

Be like 100’s of our students who have gone on to do amazing things with their photography either working professionally as a photographer or simply taking the photograph they see. Or you may already have a bit of skill and knowledge but want to take it further. I promise you this, you will take better photos.

Where are we?

We have a learning studio and a garden studio located in sunny Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula.
If you learn better one on one rather than in the classroom, we have two workshops that might suit you:
Mornington Peninsula Private Photography Tours

Or our studio based one on one private tuition, build your own masterclass or let us guide you through whatever you want to learn including post production photography using Lightroom

Join our Facebook community

I’m a bit of a FB gumby, I don’t like the ongoing newsfeed stuff, however, we do know FB is a space where people go to learn, research and collaborate so we have created our Facebook ‘Learn How To Photograph Community Group’ It’s a great space to share, learn, discuss or simply take it all in, with out all the other FB dross.

What do I love about photography?

First and foremost, I love helping people achieve their photography goals. Whilst I still love taking photos, I truly love it more when I see YOUR photos, YOUR progress, YOUR joy.

I love photography because it’s a way to see the world completely differently, if you get it right, it will open up a whole new world. You will see things differently.

I love how it is mindful and in the moment and continually teaching you. I have many students who find that taking the camera out for a few hours helps ease their anxiety.

They are in the moment. They are not thinking about anything else, but photography.

If you want to find something that could possibly help your anxiety, learn how to photograph

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