Are you ready to learn? 

Are ready to take your photography to next level, 

or even the first level?

Do you get frustrated because you don't take the photo you see, 

even when you are taking photos on AUTO?

Light Is The Key To Photography

Light is the number one thing to understand when learning photography and it is my favourite thing ever!! 

We notice the BIG light moments, like Sunrise or Sunset, but what about the small, quiet light moments, the ones we walk past without even noticing?

  Have a look at my free light resource to get you thinking about light and how it changes every minute, every hour, every day

If not now...when?

Are you ready to finally learn photography? Or ready to get your photography mojo back? Or maybe you're ready to really get your teeth into the technicalities of a camera and photography.

Hi, I'm Derry and I'm here to guide you on your photography journey.

It's time for me to give back and do what I really love - teach YOU to take great photos, so that you get the same joy from photography that I get.

I remove the jargon from my photography classes so that YOU can build an understanding to help you master photography.

It doesn't matter how old you are, or what skill level you're at, I will teach you photography at a level that suits you.

Let's work together to develop your photography skills!

my proven training

My training is for you if:

You don't want jargon
You do want jargon
You want to learn photography with a real person, face to face in an encouraging environment
You just want to take photos that you love
You want to take the photo you see

My Training is NOT for you if:

You want to become a professional day 1
Face to face, or personalised learning is not for you

The things I love to teach

Photography - from the beginning or at any level - where ever you are, I can meet you there
Photography formulas without the jargon or with jargon! I will meet you where you're at
YOU - giving you the confidence to learn.
Photography skills you need
Different types of light for photography
How to find the right light
My passion for photography

My promise to you - I will teach you photography like you've never been taught before. 

It will make sense and you WILL take better photos.

Some of our stories

Terrie H

Terrie started learning photography with Derry 7yrs ago. She came to the beginners learn how to photograph class with her camera, disappointed in herself because she couldn't take the photo she saw even though her camera was set to AUTO. 

I've walked alongside Terrie since, each year her photography just gets better and better. She's more than a student now, she's a good friend and has joined us on overseas photography excursions, and my greatest joy was to see Terrie enter photography competitions and go on to win top ten photographers in Australia. She has had her photos exhibited in galleries, on tv and local publications. She gets her photos framed for her home and while it's sitting the shop waiting for her to collect it, people just want to purchase the framed product! 

I know she won't mind me saying, that since she retired from her professional hairdressing salon, she would never have believed she would have been able to generate an income from her 'hobby', photography in her 70's.

This is just ONE of many stories from (mostly) women, who think they can't learn, you can, you just need to be taught the right way.

Derry and Caro

Derry has been a professional photographer with nearly 4 decades (what?! how did that happen?) experience and is now teaching photography to anyone!

Teaching is what she loves more than actually photographing. Derry gets joy from passing on her decades (!) of knowledge working as a professional  photographer to anyone who wants to learn.

Derry teaches visually and in a way that will make sense to you, finally someone who teaches without assuming you know something or even anything about photography.

With over 600k followers over the socials, Derry resonates with the absolute beginner, yes, even you on Auto. But don't worry she has wealth of technical knowledge if you want to take a deep dive into photography.

Caro is a qualified CASA drone pilot and offers drone flying workshops. She is our administration guru and a trained camera and lens cleaner.

Between the two of us, we've got all your camera/photography needs met

Lynette D

Lynette has been learning with Derry since the beginning, 15 yrs ago. Over the years Lynette has invested in camera gear and lenses but most importantly invested in herself.

She has joined us on 3 NZ photography trips, numerous workshops and classes and is an accomplished photographer in her own right now.

Lynette joins us for tours and workshops now but all we need to do is check in with her because she is very confident in her belief in herself and her camera skills

Derry Caulfield

After nearly four decades of photographing professionally and over a decade of teaching photography, I've learned a LOT and the most I've learned over these decades is from YOU. 

Photography can be technical, but it doesn't have to be unless you want it to be. I will take you as far as you want to go.


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Love what you see?

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