Photography is a journey, it can take years to get to where you want to go.. invest in you, in your learning.

Photography is a journey ...

You need to start at the beginning, and that is not having to learn all the technical stuff straight up.

There are two creative elements that only YOU have control over; Light and Composition.

Start understanding those two things AND move your camera off AUTO, it is actually the worse setting to have your camera on, but I'm not saying move to MANUAL, no, no, not yet anyway.

But you do need to move to Program mode - don't be scared, it's just like AUTO but better because it helps you get the photo you see!! 

My Journey

With nearly 40 year of experience as a professional photographer I've put the camera down and started teaching which is what I love.

I love seeing you achieve your photography goals.

I will teach you in a way that you have never been taught before, in a way that makes sense to you, FINALLY somebody who teaches visually and slowly, giving you time to digest the information in small easy to understand bits.

What I've learned

Over my journey I have learned that there are  a lot of photography courses that are just too technical and complex for a beginner unless of course you love reading manuals front to back and back to front. But if you are a visual learner you need to be taught visually and in small bits so that you can lock down essential skills before you move onto something more complex.

Because photography is complex, it is technical, it is full of contradictions and twists and turns, even when you think you've got it, it throws another curve at you to make you think again, and the reason for that is because you are photographing light. Now I know you think you are photographing a subject, object, landscape, person, building, etc etc but what YOU see and what your camera sees are two completely different things, all your camera sees is LIGHT.

The camera is continually adjusting settings like Fstop and Shutter and ISO to give you the photo you want to see on the back of the camera. But light is every moving, ever changing, every single second, minute, hour, day, month, Season and year. No wonder it switches itself off after a few minutes, it's exhausted!!

That is why understanding light, how it changes in colour and intensity throughout the years will be the most important thing to master in photography and the one of the most important elements to take your photography to the next level.

Once you start to understand light, then you can learn how to use it to make your subject sing! Use it to take your photography from snapshot to great shot. You can do that without learning anything technical if you want. 

Learn to see light and how to use it with your subject, then how to compose your subject in the frame of your shot and you may be happy learning nothing else, or you may decide you now want to learn more, to learn the technicalities of cameras and photography. It is a lifelong journey and every time you pick up your camera, it will always be different because light is always different. 

My promise to you

To remove the jargon from your journey until you are ready for it OR if you want it!

I remember the time when I was ready to learn all I could about photography, give me as much jargon as possible - if that is you, I'm ready to help you.

Take it from me, I knew nothing about photography when I started I was not interested in photography, it wasn't on my radar.

I didn't even have a camera.

I fell in to photography because I wasn't strong enough to say no when someone asked me to do a wedding all because I was working in a photography shop. People think that if you sell cameras you must know how to use them, not me. I am forever thankful that I couldn't say no.

Invest in Yourself

It doesn't matter how old (or young) you are, what your skill level is, whether you want to learn in our Rosebud Studio or at one of our field workshops, learn 'on-line', or even join us overseas for a photography masterclass, I will meet you where ever you are on your photography journey and take you to the next level.

Are you ready?

our learning is for you if..

You don't want jargon
You do want the jargon!
You want to learn photography in a face to face in an encouraging  environment
You just want to take photos that you love
You want to take the photo you see
You want me to meet you where ever you are at on your photography journey 

our learning is not for you if..

You want to become a professional day 1
You don't learn best in a face to face, encouraging environment

Need to know more?

Need to chat..?

You can contact either Derry or Caro. 

Derry is your photography trainer/teacher, and Caro is our administrator and organiser of everything, a CASA qualified drone pilot and camera cleaner  (she teaches drone flying and can clean your camera and lenses!)

Either of us can help you, whatever your questions.

"You speak a language that everyone can understand, and I have learnt so much just watching and listening"

'You've given me such confidence to try different things. I don't feel as lost and stupid. I know I have a long way to go but as you say: it's a journey - thank you!'

'You encourage someone at the age of 72 not to lose hope, that some day I too will take pictures that are in the right light and focused'

'You have shown me that I CAN do it, I have learned so much from you and I am grateful'

'You are a wealth of information and a confidence booster' 

'Photography has been something I didn't think I could learn. Now, I don't feel hopeless'

'I'm learning so much from your learning reels, I love the simplicity'

'You are a wonderful, passionate, gentle teacher. You teach from your heart and many can feel that. Thank you for sharing your gift with us'

'You make me want to take up photography without being afraid of it. You have such a calming and inviting way of speaking that I look forward to seeing your next reel'

'Due to your friendly, easy to follow tutorials I finally have my camera off AUTO mode and slowly gaining more confidence'

'I have taken couple of photography course and still don't fully understand Fstops, composition, lighting. I have learned more from you in the past couple of months when I started following you, thank you'

'Photography can be baffling and bit intimidating, but you break it down into manageable chunks that make so much sense, thank you so much'

'I've learned more about photography watching a few of your reels than I have taking a class! Thank you!'

A Great Place To Start

My 'Light' Resource

Learn about Light

Understand light

See light

Get it today, it's free!

Derry Caulfield

Let me walk alongside you on your photography journey.

Here are just a few of our workshops we run located on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula

Face to face classes

One on One workshops in the classroom or out in the field

Full moon landscape workshops

Autumn colours workshops

NZ masterclass photography trips

Looking for light workshops

Night street photography workshops


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