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"Not only did they get me through lockdown but they change my direction in life."

Three years since my camera became like an additional appendage.  Looking at these photos I still love the ones of Stella and remember what she was like that day.  The others aren't so bad either.

I must thank Derry Caulfield again for her classes during lockdown.  Not only did they get me through lockdown but they changed my direction in life.

Jane Jarman

Mornington peninsula photographer

"What a great trip"

Lazy day, scrolling through all the amazing photos and memories...

What a great trip!

Thank you to everyone for a wonderful 2022 NZ trip ...

Special thanks to Derry and Caro of course!!

Janette Wilson

LHTP NZ Workshop - 2022

@Ben t

lhtp facebook community

"Taking a tour with Derry And caro was one the best decisions i made...NZ South Island

Learning to photography out in nature, using the local scenery and wildlife to create my images worked well for me. I learned how to use my camera and many of its functions and we were set tasks to see how well we had grasped the new concepts we had been shown.

Derry was ever patient with our questions and always encouraged us if we were not sure of the quality of our photo. She checked our work, gave us new instructions and helped us to improve our photography each day. 

The tour itself was wonderful as we were taken around NZ's pretty towns. Caro ensured we were well fed, had great accommodation and care was taken with driving us to and from our scenic stopping points. What a great team!

Nicky Thomas

Gold coast 

"Derry caulfield at learn how to photograph is the place to be.."

You will find her lessons are concise...and excellent teacher who helps through each level and more.. Book a course if you are a complete novice or have some knowledge and need to hone your skills.

I am now living interstate and Derry is still my teacher.... I continue to have tuition and have done so since 2018.

I was a complete novice and now consider myself intermediate, thank you Derry!

Terrie Haley

LHTP NZ Workshop - 2022/2024

Various classes, workshops and private

Thank you Derry and Caro, always love any of your workshops from beginners to specialised, hope to see you again soon..

Jo G

nightscape photography workshop


private tuition

Derry has a wealth of knowledge in all things photography and makes her classes both informative and enjoyable. You always leave feeling ready to go out and practice what you have learnt

Libby B


Derry Caulfield is the inspiration and face behind Learn How to Photograph, which as the name suggests, takes keen photographers by the hand, from beginners to advanced, guiding them on the journey. Derry is kind, patient and incredibly generous with her time. She never makes anyone feels stupid for asking what might sound like a very basic question. Above all, she clearly understands how it feels to "learn how to photograph" and she loves teaching it

Amanda S

Various workshops/classes

I learnt so much on Derry’s beginners course, which was very informative and in easy to understand terminology. 

I loved learning about the light and depth of field, shutter speeds and so much more. 

The teaching doesn't end when the course finishes, Derry is always contactable in her Facebook group page

Diane S

Beginners class

I did Derry's learn how to photograph course, a few years ago now . It was fabulous , so informative and easy to follow . 

All of my photographic skills are due to Derry , as I’ve never done another course , and I love the images I capture !!!!!!!

Vikki B

Beginners class

Derry is an amazing teacher, starting with the basics to explain how cameras and photos work; building up to adjusting shutter speeds, aperture and ISO to get your perfect shot.

Much respect to Derry's vast knowledge about photography and her ability to give the right amount by of technical information to match where the learner is at.

Sue W

Beginners class

 My photography journey with Derry has well and truly been an amazing experience. 

Her teaching skills are exceptional in that she makes you feel 100% comfortable right from the moment you meet her. 

She has so much knowledge and never makes you feel anything but positive about how your photography is developing. 

She’s gentle and calm in her approach and is the ideal teacher for absolute beginners.

Jane J

various classes/workshops and overseas photography tours

I have participated in a number of photography workshops with LHTP. 

Derry is passionate about photography and shares her knowledge in an easy to understand way. 

She has taught me so much. Thanks Derry

Alison McC

various classes and workshops

I’ve recently completed the beginners photography course with Derry and I have to commend her on the quality of her course and the fact she kept it simple and fun. 

Derry clearly has extensive knowledge and experience which she is more than happy to share, plus she’s a really lovely lady. 

From the outset I felt welcome and comfortable. 

Derry explained everything in understandable terms which helped make the whole experience fun rather than “just learning to use your camera”. 

It’s wonderful to be able to take some really good photos rather than just a “happy snap”. Looking forward to learning more with Derry in the future.

Margaret W


Derry is an amazing teacher, and her locations are always spot on! I did a half day 1 on 1 session and it was amazing! 

Tips, tricks, techniques and locations! 

I've also done a number of other classes with Derry and a trip to Tasmania. 

Every time my photography gets better. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Fiona t

various classes/workshops and tasmanian photography tour

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Don't wait to learn about the light.  

My favourite and to me, the most important and first thing to learn on your photography journey.

Derry Caulfield

I love to teach photography to anyone who wants to learn and take their photography to the next level, whether that is the first level or beyond.

You can do this.


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