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On this page you'll get to experience just some of the success stories from our most valued clients, and now photographers. I can't wait to feature YOU next!

"Not only did they get me through lockdown but they change my direction in life."

Three years since my camera became like an additional appendage.  Looking at these photos I still love the ones of Stella and remember what she was like that day.  The others aren't so bad either.

I must thank Derry Caulfield again for her classes during lockdown.  Not only did they get me through lockdown but they changed my direction in life.

Jane Jarman

Mornington peninsula photographer

"What a great trip"

Lazy day, scrolling through all the amazing photos and memories...

What a great trip!

Thank you to everyone for a wonderful 2022 NZ trip ...

Special thanks to Derry Caulfield and Caro Baring of course!!

Janette Wilson

LHTP NZ Workshop - 2022

the struggle is real !

My system is perfect for you if:

feeling overwhelmed with all of the technical stuff
you're sick of hearing jargon
you feel overwhelmed with all of the buttons on your camera
you don't know where to start
you don't like the photos you take
want a simple system to learn photography

Don't let these things get in the way of you learning a new skill, and your photography passion becoming a reality.

I will help you understand how to take a photo by:

building belief in your ability
guiding you through the jargon
teaching you step by step
showing you photography techniques
showing you photography techniques
looking after your diet
mastering your niche
easily growing your socials
boosting your marketing skills
growing your customer list
getting great photos!

Are you ready to learn photography?

@Ben t

lhtp facebook community


Let's chat! 

Don't be shy, let's make contact and talk about what you want to get out of photography.

If you're just wanting to get a start, or know the direction you want to go, let's tailor a programme just for you.

Thank you Derry and Caro, always love any of your workshops from beginners to specialised, hope to see you again soon..

Jo Golde

nightscape photography workshop

Get my Complimentary Resource ... Right Now!

Don't wait to learn about the light.  

My favourite, and arguably, the most important element in photography.

Derry Caulfield

I love to teach women the art of capturing timeless moments, with my expert guidance tailored to enhance your photography skills, at any stage of your photography journey.


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