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Face to face beginners class

This beginners class is for the absolute beginner, for those who are using their camera on AUTO. Let’s move you off the AUTO setting and  get you taking the photograph you want.

We start you where you need be when you’re at the beginning of your photography 

Beginner face to face classes will resume September 2023

Email Caro for expression of interest in September class:

If you’d rather learn now than wait until September, book in for our Personalised Photography Training


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Face to face beginners class

This beginners class is for the ABSOLUTE beginner, if you are using your camera on AUTO and want to move off.

I will make sure you get the photo you see

Most beginner photography classes (and even your cameras user manual) start talking the technical stuff within the first lesson or pages

Not our Beginners.

We start you where you need to be, at the very beginning

No technical stuff just yet. Let’s lock in the basics first, then when you are ready and if you want to, I can teach you as far as you want to go on your photography journey.

Beginners classes will resume September 2023

For expressions of interest email Caro:

If you can’t wait until September, book into our Personalised Photography Training:

1 review for Beginners class studio

  1. derry

    Hi Derry, I just wanted to thank you privately for the pleasure you provide with your beautiful photos- yours, and those of your students. Through knowing you and having attended some of your indoor and outdoor classes I understand a lot more about how you work and the difference between a hobbyist (me) and a true craftsperson (you). We can both gain a great deal of enjoyment from ‘seeing’ the world through a lens, but seeing what you produce gives me, and I am sure others, a profound sense of joy, so thank you for continuing to move to higher levels and know how much I appreciate what you do. Your work lights my soul.

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