Nighttime street photography

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Photography can be technical it can also be formulaic

Learn how to take photographs of towns/city scapes at night

The colours from the sky along with the shop/town lights make beautiful colours and your photos will astound you.
This is a great workshop to build your skills so that we can go away again, you’ll be able to photograph beautiful city/town scapes once the sun goes down

Saturday 4th
5.30 – 7.30pm



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One of the best photography skills to learn that will take your photography to the next level (without really having to know any technical stuff either), is to learn how to photograph after the sun has set.

No matter where you are learning how to photograph a night scene whether it is a street scene, carnival, road scene, whatever, you will be amazed at what you can capture when natural light (the sun) is no longer available and the light emitting from street lights, car lights, inside and outside lights create a burst of colour in your image.

The number one photography accessory to have is a tripod. If you have a tripod you can head out at night to photograph, see a whole new world open up to you. Why a tripod you ask? Why does that allow me take photos at night? Join this workshop and I will teach you the formula for shooting at night, you’ll be hooked.

This workshop suits the absolute beginner, yes, even if you shoot on AUTO.

Tripod is must – if you don’t have one we can lend you one.

Saturday 4th
5.30 – 7.30pm

Mornington Main Street.

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