Lightroom Essentials

Discover the power of Lightroom in our face to face Introduction to Lightroom class.

Learn how to organise, edit, and enhance your photos to create professional-looking results.

Spend a cold Winter’s day editing your photos and learning how incredibly powerful this editing program is.  You will take your photography to the next level.

Perfect for any photographer.

Email to book your 2hr one on one personalised session at our Rosebud Studio 


Bring laptop with Lightroom loaded or if you are still unsure whether you want to commit to Lightroom subscription, sign up for the free 30 day trial before the class


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Lightroom Essentials is a face to face class for those who prefer hands on learning, where you can ask question and get answers straight away.

Are you ready to take your photography to the next level?

You’ve got photography basics OR you’ve got more than photography basics but you just don’t know how to get your photography to the next level, Lightroom Essentials is the link to take you there.

The link you are missing, and the secret to moving to the next level is editing

Lightroom Editing is your missing link.

You may not know but when you take a photo your camera automatically ‘adds’ contrast and exposure, lifts the shadows and darkens the bright parts and presents you with a ‘finished’ photo on the back of your camera screen.

With Lightroom YOU take control of the editing.

Remember the old darkroom where film used to be developed?
Well now it’s Lightroom.

It has the same principals as developing in the darkroom where you edit your digital negative (yes your digital camera has these) and YOU add the colour, contrast, exposure, cropping, burning and dodging and so much more!

Lightroom is not just for the ‘creative types’ so don’t be put off because you’re ‘not creative’, here’s the good part, Lightroom helps you be creative and helps you produce the photo you want.

It’s NOT cheating either because you are in control of how much you do or do not want to add to your photo

Lightroom Essentials is held in our Rosebud Studio and is a one on one workshop

What will you learn?

  • Move from JPG to RAW
  • Importing into Lightroom
  • Develop Module
  • Crop
  • Spot Removal
  • Red Eye removal
  • Adjustment Brush
  • Radial Tool
  • Gradient Tool
  • Masks
  • Watermark
  • Export

Taking the photo really is just the first step, understanding how to edit your photos is a giant leap in your photography

If you shoot RAW or if shoot JPG and are ready to shoot RAW and ready to take your photography to the next level, Lightroom Essentials is for you.

I have just completed a workshop with Julieanne Kost, principal educator with Adobe in Lightroom and Photoshop.
The things I have learned from that one session were amazing and I will teach you in this class.

Two hour one on one personalised training at a time that suits you in our Rosebud studio


You can do this. To book at date and time that suits you contact Caro:

Email: to book

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Lightroom Essentials

Sunday 11 June 12-2pm


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