Looking for Light Photography Workshop


Looking for Light photography workshop is one of the most valuable photography workshops you can do

I love light and have spent and still do spend my time looking for light

It is the single most important skill you need to have if you want to take beautiful photos

Understanding light and how it affects your photography is not about the technicalities of a camera, it is a creative skill YOU have control over

This workshop is perfect for anyone, even the absolute beginner on AUTO. 

Limited places available

Please note this workshop is non refundable or transferrable if you are unable to attend





The camera takes the picture, light sees the soul

Light. My absolute favourite thing about photography.

If you find the right light, you will find a subject to photograph.

Learning to see light takes time.

We all see the ‘big’ light – that magnificent sunrise or sunset full of golden light is hard to miss

Light changes every minute of every day

It’s the ‘small’ light we miss, it’s the streams of light that drive down through trees or a flower or leaf that is highlighted by a hint of light that most people walk past, most people don’t see

Train yourself to see the ‘little’ light or the reflected light which is coming from a light source somewhere else, looking for light is your number one photography skill to master on your journey

Join me on our Looking for Light workshop to start to hone your light seeking skills.

We’ll meet at a National Park on the Mornington Peninsula and walk to it’s beautiful little woodland to find light, we might even see some white spotted red toadstools too

Once you start to see light, you can’t unsee it, and that is beautiful

4th June

Devilbend National Park
Derril Road


**Non refundable or transferrable if you can’t attend**


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Looking for Light Workshop

Sunday 4 June


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