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Are you stuck on AUTO?

Do you want to take your photography skills to the next level, but can’t attend in-person classes?

Our Online Beginner’s Photography Course is the perfect solution for you!

In this comprehensive and convenient online course, you’ll learn all the fundamentals of photography, from camera basics like lighting and composition, aperture, shutter, lenses and tripods.

You will receive weekly video and PDF tutorials and interactive exercises and attend LIVE in person zoom meets with your trainer, Derry to discuss any questions and provide personal feedback on your challenges.

If you are a beginner stuck on AUTO and ready to upgrade your digital camera skills, our Online Beginner’s Photography Course will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to create the photo you see.

Don’t let your busy schedule hold you back from achieving your photography goals!

Enroll in our Online Beginner’s Photography Course today and start capturing the world in a whole new light!


Beginners ONLINE course

Photography is a journey as you move through your journey you reach different levels, and with each level you learn your photography improves. The first level is Beginners and you need to be taught the basics in the right way.

Beginner photography is not moving from AUTO to Manual.

That is too much and too complex.

It is something you can progress to AFTER you have the basics, but not for someone who users their camera on AUTO.

This is the best online beginners photography course for the absolute beginner.

People take great photos, not cameras

This course WILL make sense to you and I will be there to help step you through each module

  • Receive weekly PDF instructional videos, weekly tasks that will help you understand the basics of what a great photo is and how to take one
  • Receive an invitation to our LIVE fortnightly google meets (x3) with me and other students in the course
  • You will be part of a dedicated facebook group to upload your photos, receive GENTLE and encouraging feedback and to give feedback and get support from other learners in your group

This course is a rolling enrolment, that is, you join when you are ready, there are no start dates.

I will meet you where ever you are on your photography journey

  • You WILL take better photos
  • This course will make sense to you
  • There is no other course like this one
  • This course DOESN’T assume you already know ‘something’ or in fact anything about photography – even your users manual is confusing!

We will start you at the very beginning in a way no other beginners photography class does (including your users manual)

Module 1: Light

Light is the number one and most important element in understanding how and when to get the best photo.

Understanding light will take your photography to the next level, light, good or bad will make or break your photo

Learning to ‘see’ light and understand light and knowing that it changes colour and intensity every minute of every day throughout the year as it we move through the weeks, months and seasons.

Light is a ‘creative’ skill that YOU have control over and if you understand it and how it changes throughout the day and night you will improve your photography without having to learn anything technical.

Each week you will receive:

  • Video Tutorial
  • Instructional PDF
  • Challenge

Module 2: Aperture

In this module I will teach you how to create that beautiful blur in the background of a photo which is called Bokeh, by learning how to create a depth of field.

You will learn how to create a shallow depth of field and a greater depth of field. Does that sound confusing? It’s not, you just need to be taught the right way.

Bokeh is a well loved and oft used photography technique, that once you learn how to master it (and you will, I promise), you have just taken your photography to another level.

  • Video Tutorial
  • Instructional PDF
  • Challenge

Module 3: Shutter

Have you ever seen those photographs of waterfalls that look like fairy floss? That look is created by understanding shutter speeds.
We’ll take a deep dive into shutter and teach you how to not only ‘freeze’ action, but as importantly how to create ‘movement’ with your subject.

  • Video Tutorial
  • Instructional PDF
  • Challenge

Module 4: Composition

Composition can make or break your image.
Composition is how your subject sits in the frame of your photo
Composition along with light are the two essential photographic skills YOU have control over – they are the two non technical skills you need to understand to take your photography to the next level.

Don’t worry if you’re not creative, you can learn compositional guides and rules which will help you understand how to ‘place’ your subject in the frame so as to have maximum impact.

  • Video Tutorial
  • Instructional PDF
  • Challenge

Module 5: Tripods and other stuff

Tripods sometimes have a mind of their own, you need to know how to wrangle them and once you do, a whole new world of photography will open up to you.

There are also some essential settings you need to understand.

It’s not a deep dive into the menus, it is understanding three essential buttons on your camera that will help you get the photo you want.

  • Video Tutorial
  • Instructional PDF
  • Challenge

Module 6: Lenses

Lenses are your cameras eyes to the world, understanding them makes a huge difference to your photography.

Understand them, know what they do and you will change how your camera sees the world

  • Video Tutorial
  • PDF Instructional
  • Challenge

Bonus: How to shoot macro video
Macro is photographing the ‘tiny’ world
This bonus video will show you how to ‘get close’ and photograph the little things

This online beginners photography course is not like any other beginner course because we don’t ‘assume’ you already have some level of photographic knowledge.

We start at the beginning, the very beginning and just as importantly, we DON’T start talking technical straight away.

This course is not like any other online beginner photography course because we won’t ‘assume’ you already have some level of photographic knowledge. We won’t start talking manual mode, aperture this, shutter that at the first module.

We will start you at the beginning, the very beginning and just as importantly we don’t baffle you with technical blah blah

Live zoom meets

You have access to 3 LIVE zoom meets over the 6 week course. These live meets are with me, Derry, where you can ask any burning questions or queries or things you aren’t quite sure about or you simply want to listen to others.

You will receive an email invitation which you can accept or reject (we understand life gets in the way sometimes)


  • 6 week online course
  • 6 Instructional videos
  • 6 Instructional PDF’s
  • Live zoom meets
  • 6 Challenges
  • Dedicated facebook group to upload challenges, receive ongoing feedback, give feedback, be supported
  • Bonus Macro video


Derry Caulfield is your trainer. A professional photographer with over 35+ years who is now teaching photography to anyone no matter where they are on their photography journey.

Specialising in teaching the absolute beginner who is stuck on AUTO and wondering why even on AUTO, you can’t get the photo you want.

Let’s get you off AUTO and start you moving forward on your photography journey.
Learn how to create beautiful memories of your family, your friends, your holidays, your life.

For the absolute beginner to the more advanced photographer Derry is the ideal teacher. She explains everything in a way that is easy to understand and she will be there every step of the way through your photography journey. Kim M

My photography journey with Derry has well and truly been an amazing experience. Her teaching skills are exceptional in that she makes you feel 100$ comfortable right from the moment you meet her. She has so much knowledge and never makes you feel anything but positive about how your photography is developing. She is gentle and calm in her approach and is the ideal teacher for absolute beginner.. Jane J

Derry has a wealth of knowledge in all things photography and makes her classes both informative and enjoyable. You always leave feeling ready to go out and practice what you have learnt. Libby B

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1 review for Beginners ONLINE course

  1. derry (verified owner)

    Glenn C
    Ashley and I had such a great time.
    What can I say about Derry. We learnt so much in just 4 lessons.
    Thank you Derry, Ash and I are now hooked.

    Carol C
    I highly recommend Derry’s beginners class and her workshops, I was a person who was too scared to move off auto, to be confident to explore other settings on my camera. Which has inspired me to get out and practice so much more. Derry is a fantastic teacher with a fun & passionate style of teaching her craft of photography, Derry also gives on going support and encouragement when course has finished, I cant thank you enough Derry for all you have taught me, along your patience and encouragement and ongoing support.
    Thankyou Derry
    Looking forward to more workshops

    Leanne M
    Derry is amazing!
    She has a true gift, she manages to demystify what appears to be a scary thing and makes it so much fun along the way.
    I cannot recommend her classes highly enough.

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