‘I can highly recommend Derry as an excellent teacher. I have done the beginners, and intermediate classes, and a few workshops. Her approach to teaching and her knowledge are fantastic. I had no idea how to use my camera, but it is now my best friend. And even now, Derry is always there for advise if I need it. She truly is amazing’ Maureen M 

‘Derry is an amazing teacher, and her locations are always spot on!  I did a half day 1 on 1 session and it was amazing! Tips, tricks, techniques and locations! I’ve also done a number of other classes with Derry and a trip to Tasmania.
Every time my photography gets better. I cannot recommend her highly enough!’  Fiona T

‘Derry is an amazing teacher, starting with the basics to explain how cameras and photos work; building up to adjusting shutter speeds, aperture and ISO to get your perfect shot. She is a hands-on teacher and gave the class opportunities to use our cameras in different situations. The hand outs each week were so good that I still refer back to them and, when you’re ready, you can book in for the next level of lessons – or not – because you go away with enough knowledge to get by. Much respect to Derry’s vast knowledge about photography and her ability to give the right amount by of technical information to match where the learner is at’  Sue W

‘For the absolute beginner, to the more advanced photographer, Derry at Learn how to photograph is the ideal teacher. She explains everything in a way that is easy to understand and she will be there every step of the way through your photography journey. An absolute joy to learn from, a wonderful human…you simply won’t find better. Can’t recommend her highly enough’  Kim M

‘This is definitely where to start to Learn How To Photograph!
I contacted Derry during lockdown number 2 to ask if she had a list for when her classes start again. Less than hour later via email.. ‘this Sunday, free on line classes’…I sat in on every class and I have never looked back. I have since attended face to face classes, both in her studio and out on location (group classes), and I have also done a private, full day photography tour which was great.
My photography journey with Derry has well and truly been an amazing experience. Her teaching skills are exceptional in that she makes you feel 100% comfortable right from the moment you meet her. She has so much knowledge and never makes you feel anything but positive about how your photography is developing. She’s gentle and calm in her approach and is the ideal teacher for absolute beginners. You could not find a person more right for helping you learn, right from the beginning,- literally.
For people who want to expand the skills they already have, she is perfect. She will help you to understand where to go to next and is always helpful when you have a question.
I think her approach to photography is actually infectious. It gets you in and wanting to learn more.
You start to love the photos you are taking and want share them with others.  Derry is an absolute gem and the real deal when it comes to learning how to photograph. A ripper of a human being’. Jane J

‘I’ve recently completed the beginners photography course with Derry and I have to commend her on the quality of her course and the fact she kept it simple and fun. Derry clearly has extensive knowledge and experience which she is more than happy to share, plus she’s a really lovely lady. From the outset I felt welcome and comfortable.
Derry explained everything in understandable terms which helped make the whole experience fun rather than “just learning to use your camera”.  It’s wonderful to be able to take some really good photos rather than just a “happy snap”.
Looking forward to learning more with Derry in the future’  Margaret W

‘Derry Caulfield is the inspiration and face behind Learn How to Photograph, which as the name suggests, takes keen photographers by the hand, from beginners to advanced, guiding them on the journey.
Derry is kind, patient and incredibly generous with her time. She never makes anyone feels stupid for asking what might sound like a very basic question. Above all, she clearly understands how it feels to “learn how to photograph” and she loves teaching it. I have completed many workshops with Derry over the years and always feel she gives top value.
I run a small photography group in Sorrento and Derry very kindly does regular presentations for us – everyone enjoys them and improves their knowledge of all aspects of photography, whatever their skill level’  Amanda S