• Advanced Lightroom Techniques


    You’ve got the Lightroom basics, now really learn how to edit your images using:
    Spot Removal Tool
    Graduated Filter
    Adjustment Brush
    Rating images
    Importing to external drive
    Searching for images
    What to do when you get this !
    Much more

    Saturday 7th


  • Autumn Colours Workshop


    Autumn, my favourite season, well Spring is too.
    Autumn is full of beautiful clouds and dramatic skies but more importantly lots of colourful Autumn leaves to photograph

    Learn how to really photograph the colours of Autumn at this workshop.
    Join us, we’ll show you how to take the best Autumn photos

    Saturday 29th
    Coolart Homestead


    Suits the absolute beginner


  • Beginners class – HALF DAY


    This is our most popular class -Beginners learn how to photograph but delivered in half a day.

    You will learn:

    Depth of field
    Exposure Compensation

    For those who want to learn the basics of photography and what it takes to create a great photo.
    Colour handouts covering each area we learn throughout the session.

    Sunday 1st


    Sunday 5th

    Due to COVID19 we have very limited spots – ONLY 6 people in the studio

    Rosebud studio

  • Beginners Class studio



    We’re back and we’re covid safe.

    This is our most popular class – our Beginners class

    This class suits the ABSOLUTE beginner

    It WILL make sense to you

    You WILL take better photos

    You don’t even need to know anything technical.

    This beginners is x3 classroom sessions (70mins each) and 1 sunset class at Rosebud Pier – time to be confirmed

    Our studio is located in Rosebud

    Choose the date you want. Selecting ONE date includes all classes and final sunset class.

    $150 (total for all 4 classes)

    There is a limit of 6 places due to social distancing

    Sunday’s 16, 23, 30 (2-3.15pm) ,
    Sunset class May 30 (after classroom session) at Rosebud Pier, 4 – 5.30pm

    Thursday’s 3, 10, 17 (7-8.15pm)
    Sunset class June 20, Rosebud Pier, 4 – 5.30pm

    Thursday evenings: July 29, August 5, 12, (7-8.15pm),
    15th – final sunset class Rosebud Pier (5-6.30pm)

    Thursday evenings: 2, 9, 16 (7-8.15pm)
    19th Sept, final sunset class at Rosebud Pier (5.30-7pm)

    Thursday evenings: Sept 30, Oct 7, 14 (7-8.15pm)
    17th Oct, final sunset class at Rosebud Pier (6.15 – 7.30pm)


  • Formula’s


    Photography can be technical it can also be formulaic

    If you don’t want to learn too much technical stuff, this class if for you.

    Learn the ‘formula’s’, the settings for your camera to capture particular photographs like:

    • Astro Photography
    • Shooting the moon
    • Sports/Wildlife photography
    • Flower photography
    • Macro photography
    • ND Filter photography
    • Night street photography
    • Slow shutter during day and night photography
    • Indoor/real estate photography

    Learn the settings to take all these photos – learn the formula’s

    Saturday 19th

    Sunday 22nd

  • Full Moon Workshop


    Our most popular workshop this Full Moon class is about photographing the landscape by the light of a full moon.

    You will be surprised at how much light there is on the landscape under a full moon, and you will LOVE your photos

    Suits the absolute beginner – yes you – you will need a tripod, but I can lend you one if you need

    September 2021
    Tuesday 21st


  • Garden Studio Flowers


    Join us in our Garden Studio and learn how to create depth of field – that’s the blur in the background of a photo.
    You will learn the DOF skills in our Garden Studio, once you’ve learned the skills you can transfer them to anything, not just flowers, but if you LOVE flowers, you’ll love this workshop

    We’ll take the photos in our Garden Studio then edit them in learning studio (which is right next to the Garden Studio)

    Garden Studio – Rosebud

    Saturday 15th
    1 – 2.30pm

    Sunday 26th

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