• Advanced Lightroom Techniques

    This class has been cancelled due to rolling lockdowns
    Our classes and workshops will recommence from February 2022


    You’ve got the Lightroom basics, now really learn how to edit your images using:
    Spot Removal Tool
    Graduated Filter
    Adjustment Brush
    Rating images
    Importing to external drive
    Searching for images
    What to do when you get this !
    Much more

    For more information about Lightroom and subscriptions or free 30 day trial click on link below



  • Autumn Colours Workshop

    Our Autumn Colours Workshop will recommence from February 2022 due to uncertainty with rolling lockdowns.

    Autumn it’s my favourite season, well actually, Spring is too.
    Autumn is full of beautiful clouds and dramatic skies but more importantly it’s full of the beautiful colours of Autumn.

    There are two times to photograph the colours of Autumn, when the leaves are ‘turning’ on the branches and when the leaves have fallen – if you’re lucky you can find that ‘perfect time’ with both: leaves turning on the branches and fall on the ground.

    Coolart Homestead in Somers has beautiful Autumn colours and is the perfect location to photograph them.

    Learn how to really photograph the colours of Autumn at this workshop.
    Join us, we’ll show you how to take the best Autumn photos

    Suits the absolute beginner


  • Formulas

    Our Formula’s class has been cancelled for the rest of 2021 due to rolling lockdowns

    All classes and workshops will recommence from February 2022 once we are out of the acute health crisis.

    Photography can be technical it can also be formulaic

    If you don’t want to learn too much technical stuff, this class if for you.

    Learn the ‘formula’s’, the settings for your camera to capture particular photographs like:

    • Astro Photography
    • Shooting the moon
    • Sports/Wildlife photography
    • Flower photography
    • Macro photography
    • ND Filter photography
    • Night street photography
    • Slow shutter during day and night photography
    • Indoor/real estate photography

    Learn the settings to take all these photos – learn the formulas


  • Introduction to Lightroom

    Our Introduction to Lightroom will recommence from February 2022 due to uncertainty with rolling lockdowns.

    When you take a photo your camera does the editing for you.
    It adds saturation, exposure, contrast and a whole lot of other editing on your behalf, but this may not be what you like.

    You might want to do the editing yourself and you need to do this editing in programs like Lightroom or Photoshop or similar.
    If you want total creative control over your photograph, shooting RAW and not JPG (that is the cameras default photo file).

    RAW is what’s called a DNG, Digital Negative and just like an old fashioned 35mm film, it needs to be developed.
    In the Digital photography space, a RAW file has to be developed and you are the developer using Lightroom.

    Lightroom is more than just a powerful editing tool, it is also a program that organises your photographs so that you will always be able to find them in an instant, it is a printing tool and a library tool and so much more

    These Introduction to Lightroom is just that: how to bring your photos into Lightroom and make then make them pop!

    Rosebud Studio

  • Looking for light workshop

    Our Looking for Light Workshops will recommence from February 2022 due to uncertainty with rolling lockdowns.

    Light is the number one element you need to photograph.

    Understanding light and learning how to ‘see’ light is a skill you need to master if you really want to improve your photography.

    This workshop will start and finish in a beautiful little hidden woods on the Mornington Peninsula. Where light falls through the trees and pools on the ground. This workshop will teach you how find, see and photograph light.

    This workshop will make sense to you and it suits all skill levels including the absolute beginner, even if you shoot on AUTO.


    No refund policy applies 


  • Mornington Peninsula Private Photography Tours

    Our Private Photography tours will recommence from February 2022 due to uncertainty with rolling lockdowns.

    Let me drive you around our fabulous Mornington Peninsula.

    From the beaches to the beautiful Hinterland – vineyards, winding tree line roads, roadside milkcan letterboxes, Alpaca’s, Coo cows, sunrise over the water and sooo much more.

    Let me teach you how to really photograph, how to really understand your camera.

    Join me and let my experience as a professional photographer and as someone who loves and has lived and worked on the Mornington Peninsula my whole life show you the best places to photograph. 

    We will start with sunrise somewhere on the water, could be Port Phillip bay side or Hastings side then work our way to and through the beautiful Mornington Peninsula hinterland, photographing as we go along. 

    Approximately 5hrs from sunrise (start time varies depending on seasons)

    Professional photography tuition
    Chauffuer driven
    Garden Studio
    Morning coffee and croissant (or other)

    Or build your own private tour – if you want to learn something specific, go somewhere specific – the choice is yours.
    $495 per person or $600 for two ( if you want to bring your spouse/partner or friend)

    Up to two places only.

    Email: enquiry@lhtp.com.au to organise a day that suits you


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