• Advanced Lightroom Techniques


    You’ve got the Lightroom basics, now really learn how to edit your images using:
    Spot Removal Tool
    Graduated Filter
    Adjustment Brush
    Rating images
    Importing to external drive
    Searching for images
    What to do when you get this !
    Much more

    For more information about Lightroom and subscriptions or free 30 day trial click on link below


    Saturday 7th


  • Autumn Colours Workshop


    Autumn it’s my favourite season, well actually, Spring is too.
    Autumn is full of beautiful clouds and dramatic skies but more importantly it’s full of the beautiful colours of Autumn.

    There are two times to photograph the colours of Autumn, when the leaves are ‘turning’ on the branches and when the leaves have fallen – if you’re lucky you can find that ‘perfect time’ with both: leaves turning on the branches and fall on the ground.

    Coolart Homestead in Somers has beautiful Autumn colours and is the perfect location to photograph them.

    Learn how to really photograph the colours of Autumn at this workshop.
    Join us, we’ll show you how to take the best Autumn photos

    Saturday 29th
    Coolart Homestead


    Suits the absolute beginner


  • Beginners Class


    This beginners is x3 classroom sessions (70mins each) and 1 sunset class at Rosebud Pier – time to be confirmed

    Our studio is located in Rosebud

    Choose the date you want. Selecting ONE date includes all classes and final sunset class.

    $150 (total for all 4 classes)

    There is a limit of 6 places due to social distancing

    Thursday evenings:  August 12, 19, 26 (7-8.15pm),
    29th August – final sunset class Rosebud Pier (time tbc)

    Thursday evenings: 2, 9, 16 (7-8.15pm)
    (Friday) 17th Sept, final sunset class at Rosebud Pier (time tbc)

    Thursday evenings:  Oct 7, 14, 21 (7-8.15pm)
    24th Oct, final sunset class at Rosebud Pier (6.15 – 7.30pm)

    For our final sunset class we will head to Rosebud pier (on the Mornington Peninsula) and put into practice everything you learned in the studio so that when you go out on your own, you know exactly how to use your camera to nail that killer shot on your own.



  • Beginners class – HALF DAY


    This is our most popular class -Beginners learn how to photograph but delivered in half a day.

    You will learn:

    Depth of field
    Exposure Compensation

    For those who want to learn the basics of photography and what it takes to create a great photo.
    Colour handouts covering each area we learn throughout the session.

    Sunday 29th


    Sunday 5th

    Due to COVID19 we have very limited spots – ONLY 6 people in the studio

    Rosebud studio

  • Flower Photography


    Join us in our Garden Studio and learn how to create depth of field – that’s the blur in the background of a photo.
    You will learn the DOF skills in our Garden Studio, once you’ve learned the skills you can transfer them to anything, not just flowers, but if you LOVE flowers, you’ll love this workshop

    Garden Studio – Rosebud

    Saturday 18th
    2 – 3.30pm


    Lock in flower photography skills at our Garden Studio workshop ready to head out to the many wonderful open gardens in and around Melbourne for Spring


  • Formulas


    Photography can be technical it can also be formulaic

    If you don’t want to learn too much technical stuff, this class if for you.

    Learn the ‘formula’s’, the settings for your camera to capture particular photographs like:

    • Astro Photography
    • Shooting the moon
    • Sports/Wildlife photography
    • Flower photography
    • Macro photography
    • ND Filter photography
    • Night street photography
    • Slow shutter during day and night photography
    • Indoor/real estate photography

    Learn the settings to take all these photos – learn the formulas

    Sunday 22nd

    Saturday 9th


  • Full Moon Workshop


    Our most popular workshop this Full Moon class is about photographing the landscape by the light of a full moon.

    You will be surprised at how much light there is on the landscape under a full moon, and you will LOVE your photos

    Suits the absolute beginner – yes you – you will need a tripod, but I can lend you one if you need

    September 2021
    Sunday 19th
    6.30 – 8.30pm
    McCrae Lighthouse


    For Melbourne full moon time and dates:


  • Intermediate Photography Class


    This is the class to do after beginners.

    Selective focus
    Photograph analysis

    Light metering modes
    Drive modes
    Camera Mode including Manual
    Highlight/clipping warning
    Drive modes
    Raw vs Jpg
    Much more…whatever you want to photograph, this class will show you the settings you need to make to get the shot you want.

    Must have basic photography knowledge for this class
    Colour reference handouts

    Saturday 28
    Rosebud Studio

    Only 6 spaces available dues to social distancing compliance
    Non refundable

  • Introduction to Lightroom


    When you take a photo your camera does the editing for you.
    It adds saturation, exposure, contrast and a whole lot of other editing on your behalf, but this may not be what you like.

    You might want to do the editing yourself and you need to do this editing in programs like Lightroom or Photoshop or similar.
    If you want total creative control over your photograph, shooting RAW and not JPG (that is the cameras default photo file).

    RAW is what’s called a DNG, Digital Negative and just like an old fashioned 35mm film, it needs to be developed.
    In the Digital photography space, a RAW file has to be developed and you are the developer using Lightroom.

    Lightroom is more than just a powerful editing tool, it is also a program that organises your photographs so that you will always be able to find them in an instant, it is a printing tool and a library tool and so much more

    These Introduction to Lightroom is just that: how to bring your photos into Lightroom and make then make them pop!

    Wednesday 14th July

    Rosebud Studio


    Sunday 10th October

    Rosebud Studio

  • Looking for light workshop



    Light is the number one element you need to photograph.

    Understanding light and learning how to ‘see’ light is a skill you need to master if you really want to improve your photography.

    This workshop will start and finish in a beautiful little hidden woods on the Mornington Peninsula. Where light falls through the trees and pools on the ground. This workshop will teach you how find, see and photograph light.

    This workshop will make sense to you and it suits all skill levels including the absolute beginner, even if you shoot on AUTO.

    Sunday 20th June
    9am – 11am

    Devilbend Reservoir 
    Graydens Road

    No refund policy applies 


  • Melbourne City photography walk


    Meet at ‘Jeff’s Shed’ (the new Exhibition building) and we’ll walk from there.
    Street photography
    People photography
    On the go photography

    We walk along Southbank, Docklands, Southern Cross Station finishing at Webb Bridge for a night shoot up the Yarra

    Suits absolute beginner.

    Saturday 21st
    3.30 – 7pm



  • Night time street photography


    Most people go home once the sun sets, not realising the best time to photograph is still to come.

    This nighttime street photography workshop teaches you how to photograph using light from street lights, shop lights, even car lights.

    You won’t believe the photos you will take

    This workshop suits the absolute beginner

    Tripod is must – if you don’t have one we can lend you one.

    Saturday 4th
    5.30 – 7.30pm

    Mornington Main Street.

  • One on One Photography session


    Not comfortable in a class setting or just want to learn how to use your camera in a few hours not a few weeks?

    Our One on One masterclasses are designed specifically for YOU, with your gear and your questions at your pace.

    Spend 3hrs with me (a professional photographer with over 30 yrs experience) and we will go through all the important elements that you need to know to create a better image.

    You will learn about aperture, shutter, depth of field, selective focussing, metering, lenses and so much more.

    Or if you would like to learn a particular style of photography or maybe basics of Lightroom as well or you may be heading on a holiday just want to feel more confident with you camera.

    This masterclass can be tailored to suit you and whatever you want to learn.

    One on One masterclass:

    3hrs with a professional photographer

    Colour handouts for everything you learn

    Follow up 2hr workshop of your choice (Full Moon, Mastering depth of field, Autumn colours or Spring flowers)


    Gift vouchers also available for this workshop – see gift vouchers on CLASSES page

    Or for an additional $100 bring a friend and split the cost.

    Email: enquiry@lhtp.com.au  to book or go to our Contact Page


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